Eye of Solitude and Marche Funèbre with special guests

Brick by Brick presents

Eye of Solitude and Marche Funèbre with special guests

Dhatüra, October Flame

Fri · March 16, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$8 adv & $12 day of

This event is 21 and over

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Eye Of Solitude
Eye Of Solitude
Death doom metal from London, UK.
Formed in 2010.
Contact: eyeofsolitudeband@gmail.com
Marche Funèbre
Marche Funèbre
Marche Funèbre was formed in the last days of 2007 with an urge to write and play doom death metal inspired by the early 90s sound. The chemistry worked and showed ‘Norizon', the Belgian quintet's much acclaimed debut EP, in spring 2009. As the inspiration kept flowing -from 19th century romantic literature to personal grief and philosophical contemplations- the band entered Rotterdam based Excess Studios one year later to record the full length album 'To Drown', released in 2011 by Shiver Records, the Belgian metal label par excellence.

On Friday 13th of September '13 the new album ‘Roots of Grief' was released by Shiver Records once again, and supported by a triple country tour with Ahab & Mourning Beloveth, some of the scene's finest bands. The album, recorded at Motormusic Studios in homebase Mechelen, is often described as being a step forward, combining the best elements of the debut with stronger songwriting, a heavier, more organic sound, and thoughtful lyrics. With its versatile vocals, powerful leads and a creative rhythm section, Roots of Grief is a rich and sophisticated piece of music, with a strong identity and a sound of its own.

In the last 6 years, Marche Funèbre has proven to be one of the scene's most hardworking bands, having released 3 quality albums so far and performed over 70 gigs in 6 countries, with renowned acts such as Novembers Doom, Forgotten Tomb, Saturnus, Ahab, Evoken, Esoteric, Officium Triste, Isole… consolidating the band's strong live reputation.

The March is coming ... with the sound of DOOM.
October Flame
October Flame
Chapter I- "Remember the Fallen"


In the begining, Berstuk (Erick Holter) formed October Flame as a solo project but later was joined by Justin Yglesias on bass. However Justin didnt stick around for long enough to appear on any recordings. Soon Svarog (Austin Spitler) joined the band on Acoustic Guitar/FX. Once the band was complete, they wasted no time when it came to writing songs. Before they knew it, 4 songs were recorded over a period of 2 weeks, and turned into what is now the "Remember the Fallen" demo. This demo showcased the band in its infant stages. Throughout the whole demo, you get a nice 20 minutes of guitar and keyboard based ambient/acoustic music. It was released in early November of 2007.

Chapter II- "Embrace the Nightsky"

After the release of "Remember the Fallen", October Flame wasnt really sure what was gonna happen next. Some new songs were being composed that were somewhat in the same direction as the previous release, but they never saw the light of day.

soon the discussion began to change the direction of the band. Berstuk had wanted to do a black metal band, but wasnt sure about having October Flame go in that direction, but rather maybe start a seperate project. But soon it was decided to take October Flame in a more Black Metal direction and pay homage to...just about everything we were really really into at the time. Which varied a bit throughout the recording process, resulting in a varied sound.

In early March 2008, the band began writing for its second Demo titled "Embrace the Nightsky" and was released in the summer of 2008. this would be founding member, Erick "Berstuk" Holter's final recording with October Flame.

Chapter III- "Cracks in the Foundation"

2009 wasnt a very productive year for October Flame. Not alot really went down. Originally, the band had plans to begin recording a Full-Length in April, but that never came to pass. Members were getting busy with other bands and projects. Recording equipment on the frits as well as Berstuk's diminished interest in the band and metal music in general.

Chapter IIII- "Erick's departure and October Flame's rebirth"


Most of 2010 for October Flame was more of the same that had been going on in 2009. No recording. No ideas being brought to life. No action. Nothing. Until August when Erick was offered a scholarship to go to school in Kansas at a music college called Sterling University. He officially left the band after that after being a big part of the band for 3 years.

This left Austin as the only remaining original member of the band. He then took the opportunity to move forward and working on songs he had been sitting on for a period of 2 years. Originally supposed to appear on the full-length, these songs are now on a split release with PA Black Metal band, Morgh. Originally, Austin was to handle all instruments and make it a solo band, but later decided to expand to a full line-up.

Austin was joined by drummer Mike "Mourning Soul" Perez (Ex-Parity), bassist Jason Scarborough (Ex-Decay, Radiation Sickness) and Guitarist Jinrith (Zombria). And then soon after Vincent Leary (Morgh) Joined on session keyboards.

In December 2010, the band headed to Malphas Studio in West Covina, CA to record what would be October Flame's first recordings in nearly 3 years. These new recordings turned out to be leaned more towards Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal with touches of doom, as well as the ambient element being stronger than ever. The band also brought back the use of acoustics. In late March, the Split with Morgh was released online. A physical copy was never pressed, but there shall be one available one day.

Chapter V- "A year of success and tragedy"


In January 2011, Aaron King joined the band on Keyboards after Svarog had been searching for Berstuk's replacement for several months. He officially joined after the keyboard tracks for the split were completed by Vincent of Morgh.

Soon after, the band did its first live appearance ever on Saturday, Febuary 19th. Successful show despite The Venue having a bad sound system. Sadly, 2 months after Jinrith left the band due to not being able to afford driving out to practice anymore and having car trouble. Not too long after, Aaron exited the band as well due to certain circumstances in his life.

The band had material ready for a Full-Length album and had plans to record very soon. Sadly this did not come to pass due to Drummer, Mourning Soul's sudden departure from the band to settle into events taking place in his personal life.
By August, the band was stripped down to just Austin and Jason. At this point, Austin was having thoughts about putting October Flame to rest due to losing hope in it ever picking up again or ever finding a new drummer. He then took the opportunity to re-join Manic Depressive, but this time as Lead Guitarist. At this time Jason's new band Radiation Sickness was picking up and started to play shows. 5 months later, he left October Flame due to growing musical differences between Austin and him.

Chapter VI- "Jinrith's Return"


When Austin was pretty much ready to put the band to rest, he got a call from Jinrith saying that he would like to come back to the band.

"I was on the verge of ending it. It felt like a curse to me. The line-up hassles and lack of like-minded musicians was getting to be too much for me. So i was ready to give up, but Jinrith's return and his enthusiasm to get going and start getting shit done inspired me to keep it going."

Soon after Jinrith's return, Jay (Ex-Ritual Aeon) joined the band on drums and immediately after joined by Demoniac Bassist, Will Modesto. For the next year and a half the band would rehearse sporadically for the new album.

Chapter VII- "The end of another era"


Recording began in April 2013 in Menifee with production being handled by Mike Pardi (Ex-Xasthur, Draconis, Posessed). Drum tracks and all Guitar tracks were done in 2 weeks. The album after that was put on the backburner for over two years due to Austin being busy with other bands, and due to the unstable line-up and resources as well as personal life struggles and drug addiction.
October Flame split up for some time afterwards. once again, the album never came to pass. only 2 songs were salvaged from those recording sessions. This would also be the last of the bands Black Metal recordings before venturing off into Doom/Death Metal as well as Jinrith's final excursion with October Flame.

Chapter VIII- "The Dawn of a New Era"


A majority of 2015 was endless struggles in Spitler's personal life and nothing happened with October flame and had been completely stagnant for almost 3 years. Until September, when a couple of songs from the recording session a few years ago were dug up and vocals were finally recorded. This was released as a pre-production demo titled "visions of eternal sorrow". In November, the songs were aired on Metal Intervention radio along with a 60 minute interview with Spitler.
Austin relocated to Hollywood to start a new line-up for the band, parting ways with longtime guitarist, Jinrith. Jose Oliva A.K.A Mr. Funeralism Khaos, formerly of Spiculum Iratus and Bestial Incarnation would team up with Spitler in addition to former Martiis Nocternum Bassist, Doug Petty to begin composing what would be October Flame's strongest material to date.

Chapter VIIII "Enter Nick, Pete and Ash"

Around July of 2016, the twin brother of former drummer, Mourning soul, Nick Perez would join the band on drums. by the spring of 2017, it became more and more apparent that Jose wasnt going to work out as a guitarist. he was soon replaced by Pete Truax formerly of Vesterian.
the band had a triumphant return show in colton in early March. this was the first show in nearly 7 years. Throughout the spring and summer the band played several shows around southern California, including a show where Jinrith joined the band on stage for the first time in 6 years to perform their classic song "A suicidal Soul Buried by Cosmic Dust". After a performance in Riverside on September 21st, 2017, Ash Braithwait joined the band as a keyboard player and secondary vocalist, thus completing the line-up. Split with Zombria coming soon!
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