Demun Jones with special guests

Brick by Brick presents

Demun Jones with special guests

Van Brando

Sun ยท January 14, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

$12 adv & $16 day of

This event is 21 and over

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Demun Jones
Demun Jones
Demun was first drawn to the music world at the age of 3. No remembering which came first dancing or walking, his mother would put on records of artist ranging from The Commodores, Hall & Oates, and Marvin Gaye to Smoky Robinson, Air Supply, and Michael Jackson. He would dance to all of them. After seeing Michael Jackson dance, Demun was changed forever. He would learn and mimic Jacksons movements to perfecton and perform them to his family. Demun's first big performance, at age 8, was break dancing at a talent show in the cafeteria of Gray Elementary School. In his teen years, Demun pursued his passion for dance and music becoming a member of the dance group PSD-Power Supply Dancers. They performed at big festivals and concerts, opening for artist such as Run DMC, C&C Music Factory, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince to name a few. After a brief stint as a background dancer for a rap group based out of Atlanta called Prime Suspect, comprised of Danny Boone and Steaknife, Demun was motivated by the skill and precision of their writing and performance. It helped give him the courage to make a life for himself in music by beginning to write his own songs.

Over the years, Demun has worked closely with many artist and producers that span the music world. After 10 years experimenting and broadening his own artistic aptitude, Demun once again crossed paths with Danny Boone when the redevelopment of the band called Rehab was taking place. Demun was invited to be involved as the Rehab project embarked on new levels of energy and driection. Demun is currently an MC for the group and heads up their merchendise operations. Demun is co-owner, with partner Hano Leathers, of Attica Style LLC, a merchendising company that has grown Rehab's merchendise quality and quantity to one of the most impressive in the business. In addition to this, Demun and a close friend recently started a company called JC Fitted. The company was established to fund high school athletics, primarly to cover the cost that land on parents of high school athletes, shoes for instance.

Currently Demun is hard at work on several projects: the new Rehab album (release date 4/10), the new Demun Jones album "Light" (release date 2/10), and an inspirational album with Lamar Williams Jr., working closely with producers like Billy Hume to expose a realm of his own creative ability, and insight to music, using that to inspire and remind people that they can do anything they DECIDE to do. JONES COUNTY STAND UP!
Van Brando
Van Brando is a San Diego based Hip Hop & Metal / Hip Hop Emcee (MC/Rapper). Van Brando's style is unique not only to Daygo, but to SoCal (Southern California) as well. The scene has rarely been exposed to an Artist in the past 10 years who has an original approach to Hip Hop.

This all changed when Van Brando jumped on the scene. Imagine if Pantera, Slayer, System of a Down, Cradle of Filth and I See Stars were all in a raw musical orgy with Tech N9ne, Immortal Technique, Eminem, Beastie Boys, Hopsin and Necro. The result is not a messy room filled with money shots... It's an artistic display of borderline genius meets insanity.

In San Diego Van Brando is known as a screamer... Noooooo you sick bastards and confused Hip Hop lovers, not that type of screamer! The screaming Van Brando does, is a well balanced mix between the Underground Hip Hop culture, Metalcore culture and a Tarantino flick. Anytime an Artist can emerge in a flooded, convoluted and confused Underground Hip Hop scene and bring something new to the table... Fans can tell they've stumbled upon a rare gem.

If you're in Los Angeles (LA), Orange County (OC), San Diego (SD), Nova Scotia (CAN), Zambonia (AFR), Japan (JPN), Netherlands (NL) or somewhere on Sirius B... You can probably hear this dude ripping a mic right now if you listen carefully. Stars pass gas... Van Brando is essentially his own solar system of Hip Hop music fused with the hardcore stylings of a mad man. Van Brando is not looking to be the next star... He's looking to be your next inspiration!
Venue Information:
Brick by Brick
1130 Buenos Ave
San Diego, CA, 92110