Green Jellÿ with special guests

Brick by Brick presents

Green Jellÿ with special guests

Malakai, 222, Steeltoe, Van Brando

Fri · December 22, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

$18 adv & $22 day of

This event is 21 and over

*Online sales end at 6PM day of show unless otherwise noted. After that, limited tickets will be available at the door.

Green Jello
Green Jello
Green Jellÿ (pronounced "green jello") is an American comedy rock band formed in 1981. Originally named Green Jellö, the band changed its name due to legal pressure from the owners of the Jell-O trademark, Kraft Foods, who claimed that it was an infringement of their trademark. Despite the spelling difference, the new name and the old are pronounced identically.
222 delivers their own power packed take on dance rock via a mixture of pop punk 80s/ 90s influenced rock mixed with current techno influences. Respected music blogs and have both highlighted the unique sound and songwriting talents of 222 and their debut CD Libretto. Their high energy live shows have built a strong following across the U.S. via a string of well attended club dates including a successful gig at the Red Gorilla Fest in Austin, TX. The band’s growing popularity is also due to airplay of their debut single “One Night Stand” on influencer radio stations such as KROQ in Los Angeles.

222 is Jade Howard and Dennis Hamlin. The duo wrote and recorded the songs on Libretto themselves in their home studio with the only other credit on the album going to Frank Rosato who mixed the record. Howard and Hamlin are both prolific songwriters drawing their musical influences from books, movies and life experiences.“One Night Stand” is loosely based on the Edgar Allen Poe story the Tell Tale Heart. The collection of songs on Libretto play much like an opera in that every song is a story. Yet don’t let the opera reference fool you, the album is a collection songs that will move and groove you from start to finish.

222’s creativity pours into all aspects of their artistic expression. The provocative self- produced videos made in support of Libretto are truly mini movies and the perfect visual companions to the songs featured on the album. Videos for “One Night Stand,” “Headcake,” and the lyric video for “Fair Weather Send Off” can be seen on the band’s YouTube Channel. 222 will soon debut the newest video “Pick Up Line.”

Having just returned to Los Angeles following tour dates in the South, Midwest, SouthWest, and East Coast, the band is currently in the studio writing and recording new material for their next album slated for release in the fall. 222 can also be found performing select club dates in and around Los Angeles.
Formed in the Summer of 2015 over the course of 6 weeks, bringing each of our own material to the floor, combining it all and making kick-ass music, we rocked our first show at Brick by Brick on August 19, 2015, opening for Fear Control, A Hero Within, and Malison.

The lyrical prose is supplied by Temo, the lead singer. The man has experienced things that would be the death of any ordinary man. Temo's message will open your eyes to what's really going on behind closed doors. He was there. He knows. That's why the FBI and CIA are tapping our phones. 🙁

The rest of us bring our talents to the table to ensure you get a kickass show. the sound is original, unique, and enlightening.
Van Brando
Van Brando is a San Diego based Hip Hop & Metal / Hip Hop Emcee (MC/Rapper). Van Brando's style is unique not only to Daygo, but to SoCal (Southern California) as well. The scene has rarely been exposed to an Artist in the past 10 years who has an original approach to Hip Hop.

This all changed when Van Brando jumped on the scene. Imagine if Pantera, Slayer, System of a Down, Cradle of Filth and I See Stars were all in a raw musical orgy with Tech N9ne, Immortal Technique, Eminem, Beastie Boys, Hopsin and Necro. The result is not a messy room filled with money shots... It's an artistic display of borderline genius meets insanity.

In San Diego Van Brando is known as a screamer... Noooooo you sick bastards and confused Hip Hop lovers, not that type of screamer! The screaming Van Brando does, is a well balanced mix between the Underground Hip Hop culture, Metalcore culture and a Tarantino flick. Anytime an Artist can emerge in a flooded, convoluted and confused Underground Hip Hop scene and bring something new to the table... Fans can tell they've stumbled upon a rare gem.

If you're in Los Angeles (LA), Orange County (OC), San Diego (SD), Nova Scotia (CAN), Zambonia (AFR), Japan (JPN), Netherlands (NL) or somewhere on Sirius B... You can probably hear this dude ripping a mic right now if you listen carefully. Stars pass gas... Van Brando is essentially his own solar system of Hip Hop music fused with the hardcore stylings of a mad man. Van Brando is not looking to be the next star... He's looking to be your next inspiration!
Venue Information:
Brick by Brick
1130 Buenos Ave
San Diego, CA, 92110