Symbolic with special guests

Brick by Brick presents

Symbolic with special guests

Sight Unscene, A Hero Within, Alien Satan

Fri · September 8, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$10 adv & day of

This event is 21 and over

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As a heavy-hitting dynamic force hailing from the power/prog metal midst of the San Diego, California music scene, Symbolic combines their melodic energy and excitement for what will be their fifth CD later this year.

Since the first three years of their conception, increasingly impressive efforts helped build a strong following locally and internationally. Opening for well-known national acts such as Adrenaline Mob, Fates Warning, UFO, Brian Wheat (of Tesla fame), PHILM with Dave Lombardo, guitar legend Michael Schenker, Doro Pesch and others, it was no surprise that Symbolic found themselves in very close company of great music notables.

Their epic sophomoric release "Nevertime" garnered them a 2011 SDMA nomination for "Best Hard Rock Album of the Year". Radio interest locally and as far away as Chicago (Gregg Kovach), offered the band enormous praise. Billy Sherwood (of Yes and Circa fame) commented upon learning of the band and hearing cuts from their third effort "Disconnected": "Cool stuff indeed…I really dig the band".

With the 2012 release of "Xenatopia", notable music critic and journalist Martin Popoff writes, "Symbolic have demonstrated a sterling silver craftsmanship in the forging of locked down metal with both brains and brawn". A heavier and even more progressive than anything they've done to date under the guidance of producer/engineer Daniel Castleman, “Xenatopia” had corralled the power/prog metal faithful throughout 2013 and 2014. Radio/internet interviews and San Diego radio airplay sealed Symbolic’s position as musically solid and here to stay.

With Scott Bruce (vocals), Steve Potts (guitar), Bobby Fernandez (bass), and Steven Elias (drums), Symbolic’s future is of one of the staunch core foundations of the San Diego music scene.
Sight Unscene
Sight Unscene
Hailing from San Diego, CA, Sight Unscene has been attracting the ears of headbangers with its blistering but melodic brand of metal since the release of their debut album “Devils in the Details” in 2007. Sung vocals are punctuated by enthusiastic screams while the instrumental aspect of the songs reflect that dichotomy, offering bright, strong melodies incarnated as heady, hard metal.

Formed in North County San Diego in 2006 by guitarists Mike Halsdorff & Tony LaMarra, vocalist/bassist Anthony Dedrick and drummer John Jackson the band quickly established themselves on the San Diego club circuit and in 07 released their first full length record, the aforementioned “Devils in the Details”. The four piece spent 08 honing their live chops and promoting "Devils" playing shows all over Southern California from the beaches of San Diego to the Inland Empire to the Sunset Strip in Hollywood while also shooting a video for the lead single "Atrium".

To give Anthony more focus on his vocals - bassist Erik Robertson comes aboard in 08, and the band returned to the studio and tracked their sophomore album entitled “Resilience”. Released in July 2010 - "Resilience" features such tracks as Truth About Denial, With a Vengeance, Pure, and the band’s electrifying single “Conviction in Silence”, which also boasts a video. Dueling vocals, heavy but harmonious guitar melodies and a groove-rich rhythm section come together in a sizzling union of musical elements that rises into being as rich, colorful modern metal. “Conviction definitely represents the growth of our sound on this second record. Everyone progressed as musicians individually by leaps and bounds since the 1st record and then in the songwriting process, we learned as a whole what we were actually going for and how to try and get there, how to really hone in on our true sound, and I think we captured the essence of that on Resilience,”enthuses one band member. Several tracks from Resilience have been featured in extreme sports videos including the award winning snowboard movie "The Saturday Night Ride" and the kiteboarding movie “Gust”.

Bassist Nick Sanchez joined our ranks at the end of 2010 to round out a new rhythm section, and the five began finalizing their follow up album to Resilience with a fury of new creative inspirado. Throughout 2012, they re-entered the studio with their new four track EP, titled "Become: I Am." After mixing and mastering in December of 2012, the CD is finally finished and is currently for sale on iTunes and Amazon as of March 19th, 2013.

Before the EP release, and months into our search for a heavy, hard hitting drummer, Ryan Copeland emerged as a big stand out, and brings a lot of intensity to the table with his technical fills and aggressive playing style. We're excited to have him on board!
A Hero Within
A Hero Within
Metal band from San Diego, California.
Alien Satan
Alien Satan
They are the universe's mightiest of heroes, formed to play metal no single musician could withstand. Alien Satan is the most prestigious and powerful Metal Band in the Universe, an ever-shifting assemblage of songwriters, shredders and performers devoted to protecting this planet from mediocre music beyond the scope of conventional authorities.

The group began with the random teaming of Eli Santana, Josh Caldwell, Chris Morris, Tyler Meahl and sometimes Mike Heller. Edward James Olmos suggested the musicians remain together as a band, and his son Brodie suggested they call themselves "something colorful and dramatic, like...Alien Satan." The name stuck, and a legend was born.

Tyler Meahl provided the group with financing and high-tech equipment in his dual identity as a Nursery Industrialist, donating his residence in Pasadena to serve as their headquarters, Alien Satan Mansion. Tyler's butler and dog, Garth, stayed on as the headquarters' principal servant and chief of staff, becoming a valued friend, confidant and advisor to the group. Meahl also drew up a charter and by-laws to guide the band, and sought A-1 security clearance from the federal government, but he encountered resistance from the team's first National Security Council liaison, Blake Meahl, and the general public regarded the new band somewhat uneasily. Much of this early skepticism focused on the monstrous Blake Mount, who soon quit the band in a fit of rage, but the group's image improved dramatically after they recruited long-lost San Diego metal scene hero Josh Caldwell, who became the inspirational cornerstone of Alien Satan. Thanks largely to his presence, the team won its A-1 security status and rapidly became the most respected band of its generation.

West Coast Expansion:
The band's expansion accelerated after they opened a second headquarters in Valley Center, the Alien Satan Compound, manned by Josh's Caldwell's wife Ashley and Jambi (who also served as the Caldwell's dog). The eastern roster was led first and longest by Mike Heller, but the expansion gradually deteriorated under later leaders and was shut down after major losses of resources and personnel.

The band suffered setbacks, going through many changes of leadership and several changes of headquarters, losing various members and even disbanding more than once (most notably following disastrous conflicts with Holy Grail and Huntress), but the band always regrouped in some form or another, continuing to evolve and grow. Few musicians refused offers of Alien Satan membership, though allies who did decline the honor included John Stamos, Lenny Kravitz, David Vincent, ?uestlove and Bjork.
Venue Information:
Brick by Brick
1130 Buenos Ave
San Diego, CA, 92110