Cloud Catcher with special guests

Brick by Brick presents

Cloud Catcher with special guests

Monarch (CA), Kimmi Bitter & The Night Howls, Bedlams Edge

Tue · October 24, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$8 adv & day of


This event is 21 and over

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Cloud Catcher
Cloud Catcher
Denver’s own Heavy Rock power trio, Cloud Catcher, have been forging their own path since May 2013.
The trio consisting of Rory Rummings on guitar and vocals, Kam Wentworth on bass, and Jared Soloman Handman on drums have spent considerable time crafting their own style of heavy cosmic rock. Cloud Catcher's riff driven and energy fueled performances have landed them the opportunity to have shared the stage with such notable acts as Acid King, DANAVA, Lecherous Gaze, Dead Meadow, Rival Sons, Black Tusk, Mondodrag, Lord Dying, and many more. In 2015, their debut album, 'Enlightened Beyond Existence' had caught the attention of the local Colorado heavy music scene. The album exhibits some of the finest heavy rock and roll submerged in psychedelia this side of the Andromeda Galaxy. In Spring 2016 Cloud Catcher signed to European record label, Totem Cat Records, and have plans to release their sophmore album, ‘Trails of Kozmic Dust’, due early 2017. Their sound resonates with those who worship heavy acts such as Captain Beyond, early Grand Funk Railroad, Sir Lord Baltimore, and Budgie. The trio summons thick, fuzz-laiden, mountainous riffs and sub-earthly jams which unite in crushing harmony. Cloud Catcher has received the esoteric "cosmic nod" and is unrelentingly wielding it in an attempt to pry open the mind's eye of collective
Monarch (CA)
Monarch (CA)
The Southern California psych scene is flourishing these days, with bands such as Earthless, Joy, Brian Ellis Group and Astra conjuring new magic from styles of bygone years. But no other band channels the colour, warmth and energy of the coastal SoCal scenery as well as San Diego's native sons Monarch. ”Two Isles”, their debut album, was recorded and produced by local glitterati Brian Ellis, adding a sense of focus and depth to the sound these guys have been developing throughout years and years of aural explorations while growing up together.

More than anything ”Two Isles” is the perfect head trip for easy summer days - or all those other days you wish felt like those. It's full of breezy Allman Brothers guitar leads gliding effortlessly on top of gentle, and sometimes not so gentle, prog-rock structures. Even when it get's blustery and heavy there's an airy, inviting quality to Monarch's music that makes you feel all fuzzy inside. With supreme musicianship they're somehow connecting the dots between classic California rock, prog, pastoral pop and the vivid, expansiveness of early 1990s British shoegaze.

Indeed these guys have created something that transcends sounding like a time capsule. While psychedelia might be the prism that everything is projected through, ”Two Isles” reveals the fact that this is a group of people who grew up on a wide range sounds available in the diverse San Diego scene: ambient, indie, math, jazz and whatever else was available to experience. It's about mood and texture as much as it's about the ROCK, and might just be the perfect companion for travelling somewhere, physically or mentally.
Kimmi Bitter & The Night Howls
In the beginning, Rock and Roll represented teenage angst, a backbeat that made you want to dance, and sound waves that made you want to listen. Over the course of time "and roll" was eventually dropped and we became accustomed to describing this music as nearly Rock.

As we looked back over the course of recorded music, we always felt that the magic that made Rock and Roll what it was, was lost.

Formed after the breakup of her previous band, Kimmi Bitter knew she wanted to make music with people who had the same love for the early days of Rock and Roll; not only in sound, but in the movement. Determined to continue, she recruited her old bass player, Ben Neal, and played a duo-set at a local venue. Amongst the crowd was Willis Farnsworth who's group, was playing afterwards. "I just remember seeing her play that night and realizing the honesty in her presence, voice, and songs. They spoke not only to me, but other people in the audience. Only downside was she didn't have a full band."

With this in mind, the two met and spoke of doing a collaboration and giving her songs the life and light that they deserved. The following week, Willis met his new co-worker, Chris, and instantly connected over music. "You should totally cruise to my spot, we're always looking for a bass player" Chris said. "Well, you should cruise to mine, we're looking for a drummer!" Willis recollects.

"I just remember being in that rehearsal booth, running through 10 originals I had, and everything fit together." Kimmi said. "We were ready for a show after just one rehearsal."

From then on, the group has trekked forward. With their debut album just around the horizon, they've solidified their sound and continue to hone their songwriting skills as a band now. "The songs we played before was everything I had written over the course of my music career, so we played them. But I never wanted to be another girl with an acoustic guitar or a diva pop star, I wanted to be a freaking rock n roll band."
With the tight, explosion of groove supplied by Chris and Willis, the tonal textures of Ben's Guitar, and the powerhouse vocals provided by Kimmi, the group has set themselves up to make moves and create movements.
Bedlams Edge
Bedlams Edge
Rockin' the World and Breakin' the Rules since 2005!
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