Slapshot and Poison Idea with special guests

Brick by Brick presents

Slapshot and Poison Idea with special guests

Bad Samaritans, Authentic Sellout, Systematic Abuse

Sat · July 16, 2016

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$15 adv & $18 day of

This event is 21 and over

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Slapshot was formed in 1985 by Steve Risteen (currently playing for the Boston hardcore/punk band Refuse Resist) and Mark McKay, formerly of Terminally Ill; Jack "Choke" Kelly, formerly of Negative FX and Last Rights and Jonathan Anastas, formerly of Decadence and DYS. Due to the reputations of its members, the band had a relatively high profile even before its debut; the zine writer Mike Gitter (who was also an A&R executive) wrote "Slapshot is a great live act", before they had ever played in public.

Diverging from their counterparts in the Boston hardcore scene, Slapshot decided to make the first album a 24 track recording as opposed to the usual 8 or 16-track hardcore album. To reduce costs, they recorded at night and completed the album in four sessions. Back On The Map was released by Taang! Records in 1986.

The band's lineup underwent a number of changes in its first few years, although its sound remained consistent. Jordan Wood, formerly of S.T.P. and later of Deathwish, joined as an additional guitarist, but took over bass guitar when Anastas left the band to continue his education. This line up was featured on their sophomore release, Step On It (Taang! Records). In July 1988, Jamie Sciarappa, former bass player of SS Decontrol, joined the band and Jordan returned to his original slot as a second guitar player. This 5 piece line up recorded the 3rd record, Sudden Death Overtime (Taang! Records).

As the band got ready to record the next record there was a significant line-up change. Jordan left the band returning Slapshot to a single guitar band and Jamie was replaced with Mark & Steve's longtime friend Chris Lauria. Soon after, the band decided to fire Steve Risteen due to what they felt was a lack of guitar skill. It was a very difficult time for the band that is well documented in the Slapshot documentary "Chip On My Shoulder: The Cautionary Tale of Slapshot". Mark McKay eventually also quit (and disconnected himself from the group personally as well) due to multiple issues including a lack of interest in the new material the band was writing.
Their 1993 album Blast Furnace (We Bite Records) was a move into sample-based industrial/metal/hardcore and only included one original member, Choke, along with a more metal-based backing band including Darryl Sheppard of Slaughter Shack, Barry Hite & Chris Lauria. Slapshot toured Europe that spring, and on the second date of the tour, they recorded a live album in Berlin called Live At SO36 (We Bite Records).

The following year there was another line-up change that resulted in Darryl leaving the band to be replaced by Mike Bowser. They recorded the Unconsciousness LP (We Bite Records) in Chicago with Steve Albini, ex-member of Big Black and producer for Nirvana.

In August 1994 Slapshot went off to Europe for a two-month tour with Ignite and a split 7" single record was released to promote it. The tour kicked off at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden on August 11 and ended on October 4 in Germany. Slapshot played 50 shows in 7 countries in 54 days.

Around the time Unconsciousness was being recorded tragedy fell upon the band. Ex-guitar and bass player Jordan Wood committed suicide. It was this moment that brought Mark McKay back into the group socially and ultimately back into the band.

With its most solid line-up in years Slapshot returned to the studio to record their heaviest album to date, "16 Valve Hate" (Lost & Found Records/Taang! Records) released in 1995. Less than a year later – with the same line-up – the band released "Olde Tyme Hardcore" (Taang! Records, 1996). This was a return to hardcore the way that the band thought it sound be and featured a cover of the classic SSD track "Get It Away"

In July 1997, Slapshot played what was to be their last concert in the United States for five years, in Plymouth, Massachusetts. They toured Europe in 1999, including a stop at the Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium. In December 1999, a Slapshot tribute album called Boston Drops the Gloves: A Tribute to Slapshot was released by Flat Records (the label owned by Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphys) and San Francisco-based TKO Records. The album included covers by 22 Boston bands.

In 2001, Slapshot issued a new album entitled Greatest Hits, Slashes and Crosschecks (King Fisher/Century Media) featuring re-recorded & re-mastered versions of classic Slapshot songs, which featured the only recordings of the band with David Link on bass and was the last recorded material with Mike Bowser on guitar.
In 2002 Slapshot played a 15 minute surprise set at The Hideaway in Cambridge, MA as part of a bill alongside Poison Idea, Kill Your Idols, Thumbs Up! and more. The overall reaction to the short set resulted in a full show being booked at The Hideaway for October 13, 2002. Unfortunately the club was forced to close just days before the show was scheduled to happen. On October 26, 2002 Slapshot was finally able to play a full set in the US for the first time in over 5 years. The show was the "6th annual Back to School Jam" in Framingham, MA and also featured Blood for Blood, Converge, Reach The Sky, Panic, No Warning, Some Kind of Hate and a very rare set by Stars & Stripes.

Around this time Mike Bowser decided to move to New York for a new job and after a guitar search that ended with Ed Lalli (currently singing for The Welch Boys) they returned to the studio for 2003's Digital Warfare (I Scream Records) followed by 2005's Tear It Down (Thorp Records), along with several more European tours.
In 2006, Slapshot released a statement on their website announcing that the band was defunct. However, on June 30, 2007, they played at the Significant Fest 2007 in Clearwater, Florida. Also on the bill were Killing Time, 108 and Uppercut. In July 2008, they played a couple of dates in Europe, with a stop at the With Full Force festival in Leipzig, Germany. These were to be the last shows featuring Ed Lalli on guitar.

Slapshot played a show at Anchors Up in Haverhill, Massachusetts on November 8, 2008 with Ten Yard Fight, Step Forward, and Word For Word. This show was a warm up for the 2008 Winter Tour which brought the return of longtime guitarist Mike Bowser and reformed the classic Olde Tyme Hardcore/16 Vale Hate line-up.
Upon returning from the tour Slapshot played as part of the "2008 Hometown Throwdown" in Boston on December 28 at the Middle East with The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. One highlight of the show was Choke joining the Bosstones on stage during their cover of the Slapshot song "What's at Stake".

April 24, 2009 finally brought the world premiere of the long awaited Slapshot documentary film "Chip On My Shoulder: The Cautionary Tale of Slapshot". It premiered at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA to a sold out audience as part of the Boston Independent Film Festival. Following its premiere the film was screened as part of a hardcore festival in Toronto Canada which also featured performances by Negative Approach and Supertouch. The film was also screened at the Salt Lake City Film Festival in August 2009. The film was directed and produced by Ian McFarland (Blood for Blood) and Anthony "Wrench" Moreschi (Ten Yard Fight) of Killswitch Productions and will be released on DVD by Taang! Records eventually (we hope).

After another line-up change (including Chris Lauria moving from bass to guitar) Slapshot headed back to Europe for 10 shows in August 2009 with the support of Frigate which features Chris Lauria of Slapshot, Linda Bean of Stars & Stripes and John Bean formerly of Bitter. The tour, dubbed the '2009 Replacements Tour', went well but late 2009 still brought about another line up change.
The next line up of Slapshot included founding member Jack 'Choke' Kelly, longtime member Chris Laura (back on bass guitar), John Bean on drums and Craig Silverman (formerly of Only Living Witness & currently of The Enemy Within and the touring guitar player for Blood for Blood) on guitar. The band spent the first 1/2 of 2010 working on new material and hopes to have some new songs recorded before the end of the year. This line-up played the "Gallery East" reunion show in August 2010 after several warm-up shows in Europe. Ryan Packer joined on bass in late 2012.
Poison Idea
Poison Idea
Poison Idea was formed in 1980 by vocalist Jerry A. The initial lineup consisted of Jerry A., Chris Tense (guitar), Glen Estes (bass), and Dean Johnson (drums). Inspired by Black Flag and other early Southern California hardcore acts, they were further influenced by Discharge and Los Angeles's the Germs. Germs singer Darby Crash's influence on singer Jerry A., vocally, lyrically, and philosophically, was considerable.

Poison Idea’s debut, 1983's Pick Your King EP was a short, lo-fi blast of hardcore fury. The jacket featured a "choice" of two kings, Jesus (front cover) and Elvis Presley (back cover). In 1984, Chris Tense returned to the band, this time on bass, replacing Glen Estes (later of Portland, Oregon punk/metal band Final Warning), and the group released the Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes 12” (the cover features Pig Champion’s substantial vinyl collection). The record found the band incorporating subtle rock elements into their music, which was further honed on their contributions to two 1985 compilations, “Laughing Boy” on the Drinking is Great EP (on which appeared other Oregon punk bands Final Warning, Lockjaw and E-13), and “Typical” and “Die on Your Knees” on the legendary Cleanse the Bacteria LP (compiled by Pushead for his own Pusmort label).

With the release of 1986’s Kings of Punk LP, Poison Idea had fully moved beyond the breakneck hardcore of their early records to a potent, driving and ultimately more intricate and sophisticated hardcore/hard rock fusion that incorporated the accessibility of hard rock without sacrificing the power of hardcore.

Following the release of Kings of Punk, the band went through several rapid lineup changes (mostly in the rhythm section), and then added lead guitarist Eric "Vegetable" Olson, a gifted musician who wrote many PI tunes during his tenure in the band. The band then released War All the Time in 1987. War All the Time and the EPs that followed (the Getting the Fear 12" and the Filthkick 7") found them further developing the rock/hardcore sound first established on Kings of Punk, which they would hone in 1990 with Feel the Darkness.

Around this time, after numerous lineup changes, PI had convened one of their more stable lineups in Jerry A., Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts, Charley "Myrtle Tickner" Nims (bass) and Steve "Thee Slayer Hippy" Hanford (drums), with Kid Cocksman and then Aldine Strichnine on second guitar. They also established their own record label in 1989, American Leather (named for the Germs song), and released two records the same year: a reissue of their 1982 demo Darby Crash Rides Again and the Discontent 7”. In 1990, the band released Feel the Darkness, probably their most well know album. PI then released Blank Blackout Vacant in 1992, and, before seemingly splitting in 1993, they released We Must Burn on TK Records.

Pig Champion left the band in 1993. A brief reformation happened in 1998 but didn’t last. In late 1999 Jerry A reformed the band with the line up featuring Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts (guitar), Matt Brainard (guitar), Chris Carey (bass) and Chris Cuthbert (drums), and after breaking in the new lineup the band toured the east coast in 2002 including an appearance at CBGB's. Jimmy Taylor was hired on as guitarist for PI as the band was planning a 6 week tour of Europe, he ended up being a permanent member of the band. They toured Europe twice in 2003 and 2004, with Eric Eggroll on guitar during 2003 and Joe Spleen (The Gits) during 2004 filling in for Pig on the road. In 2004 PI was invited to go on a tour in Japan as a 4 piece with Japanese punk legends Forward. They were well received in the other countries they toured, inspiring the band to put together a new record.

Back home in Portland, the new line up (Jerry A, Pig Champion, Jimmy Taylor, Chris Carey and Chris Cuthbert) began working on material which later became "Latest Will and Testament", recorded in 2005 at Smegma recording studio in Portland OR.

On January 31, 2006 guitarist Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts died aged 47 at his home in Portland,OR. The band had recorded the new record and it was ready for release when he died. Pig wanted the record to be called Latest Will and Testament. The album was released in May 2006 on Farewell Records. The band did not play a record release show, or any show for over a year as they tried to get used to the idea that their friend was gone.

In 2007, Poison Idea again reformed to play shows in support of a split 7" single with Kill Your Idols (for TKO Records). The lineup for this incarnation was Jerry A., Chris Cuthbert (drums), Jimmy Taylor (guitar), Matt Brainard (guitar) and Rob Hume (bass).

In December 2011, Brainard was replaced by guitarist Jeff Walter. In 2012, after playing two dates each in both Portland and Seattle, the band embarked on a five-week tour of Europe during June and July. The tour spanned eleven countries and featured the band playing nearly thirty dates in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Finland. During this tour, Jerry developed a severe infection in his foot and was instructed by medical staff in Europe to return home immediately. Despite a long-standing reputation for not completing tours, the band remained in Europe for the entire five weeks, resulting in Jerry having to have two toes and a portion of his foot removed when the band returned to the U.S.

The band distributed a video announcement in early October, 2013 announcing that Natalie Lucio would now be playing bass. Natalie was a surprising and exciting choice due to her gender and age. Furthermore, it was announced that Eric "Vegetable" Olson would be rejoining the band on guitar after an almost 25 year absence. Eric is best known for his work on the War All The Time album as well as the Filthkick E.P. After a successful run of shows in the Northwest and California in 2014, Poison Idea went to Australia for the first time for a string of sold out shows and upon returning back to the States, Poison Idea played the annual “Punk Rock Bowling Festival” in Las Vegas to yet another sold out show. During this lineup, the band recorded two songs (Hypnoptic & Triple Chocolate Penetration) for a 7” single on Voodoo Doughnut Recordings. Shortly after the Punk Rock Bowling performance, Natalie was replaced by Chris Carey and the band played 4 exclusive shows in Scandinavia. Upon returning home from Scandinavia, both Jeff Walters and Gordon Scholl (drums) exited the band.

Enter Brandon Bentley (guitar) and Nathan Richardson (drums). In October, Poison Idea headed north to Vancouver and Victoria BC for two shows. In November 2014 the band entered Audiosiege Studios in Portland,OR with producer/engineer Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) and recorded “Confuse & Conquer”, their first brand new full length album since the passing of Tom “Pig Champion” Roberts. The album was mastered by Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) and released worldwide on Southern Lord on April 7 2015. The remainder of 2015 is shaping up to be one of Poison Idea’s busiest years in their 35 year career with 2 European Tours lined up as well as numerous tours throughout the United States and beyond.

Poison Idea has been cited as an influence by bands and musicians such as Nirvana, Zeke, Turbonegro, Eyehategod, Pantera, Napalm Death, Machine Head, Emperor’s Bård Faust, Ratos de Porão among countless others.
Bad Samaritans
Bad Samaritans
punk roots, electric guitar wall-o-sound, repetitive melodic phrasing, extensive vamping, minor key tonality, a vocal-centric aesthetic, electric rhythm guitars, an unintelligible vocal delivery, political lyrics
Authentic Sellout
Authentic Sellout
Authentic $ellout was formed in late November 2006 by Sulo King and Andy Danger. The original lineup included Marky Unknown on drums and Jeff Spicoli on guitar. The band was meant to be a novelty Punk band that was put together just for one show. The response from the show was very positive, so the guys decided to keep the band going as a side project and play shows every once in a while. The shows got better and better and in December 2007, seeing that the band was going to go full time, Jeff Spicoli left to focus on his own band, Dante's Boneyard. In January 2008, Dingo joined the band as a full time guitar player, and Authentic $ellout finally became a full time band. At the end of 2008 Dingo left the band and Timmy Two Times took over as the band's guitar player until his departure from the band in mid 2009 and was replaced by Jeremy "the Germ".

Authentic $ellout is a high energy Punk Rock band that blends old school 70's UK based Punk Rock with 80's West Coast and a blend of old and modern Rock to form what they call "Mock Rock". Their mission is to make fun of what the music industry and Rock n Roll has become. More music less production. That is the Authentic Sellout way.

Their music is something every kid and even adults can relate to, with strong messages about the realities of everyday life like songs like "Working Class Stiff". This song highlights the stress of a typical 9-5 job and is an anthem for the working man. "No End" is a song protesting against war, greed, the system, and the corruption of corporations and our nation's government. "Pretty Pretty Girl" is a funny but realistic view of the male ego when it comes to dating women. Their live show is full of raw emotion and high energy. If you haven't had a chance to see them, then definitely check out one of their shows. Authentic $ellout is going to prove to you that punk is definitely not dead. You're either sold out or a sellout.
Systematic Abuse
Systematic Abuse
Formed in 2008 out of the ashes of The Resentments, Hammer, Grim, and Dogol decided to pick up where the last band left off and continue their quest on the path of Hardcore destruction. After searching long and hard for a drummer that would fit our style, Hammer decided to give his old buddy and ex band mate, Kevin Castillio (Dingo) a call. After one jam session in Dogol's garage in Imperial Beach, it was then and there that we realized Dingo would be the perfect fit for what we were trying to accomplish. After a couple years of shows and a few mini tours we decided to ask our long time friend and brother in Hardcore, Match to stand in as a second vocalist for the band. It only seemed right considering he named it. After 6 years of countless shows, a few more mini tours, a million laughs, and goodtimes and good memories... Kevin decided that it was his time to leave Systematic due personal matters. His unique Hardcore "Dingo-Beat" style that gave us our signature sound will surely be missed, But not as much as the good times we shared on the road and jamming in that tiny room. WE LOVE YA DINGO!

Now we are on the next chapter of our journey and behind us pumping out the fastest and meanest fucking beat we've had is, Adam Cripe. He is a hardworking, asskicking motherfucker with unbelievable talent. Systematic Abuse is louder and faster than we've ever were before. We are unstoppable and will continue banging out the same Hardcore Thrash shit that we've always loved playing.
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